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Black Dragon

Black Dragon


This ornate mechanical time piece is detailed with a classical Dragon holding a sphere. The internal workings are exposed in brilliant brass behind the polished tungsten finish. Comes with a matching tungsten finished chain, and covered with a 1 year warranty. 

  • Instructions

    With the slightest bit of care, you will get many years of pleasure from your historically inspired watch. To set your watch, pull the stem at the top and turn it counter-clockwise, so that the hands are moving forward, not backwards. Always go forward, Never go back- a motto for life, and for pocket watches. To wind your watch, push the stem back in and turn it clockwise. Wind only once a day, and only until you begin to feel resistance, so as not to damage the spring. Start with 20 turns and feel your way from there. Your watch comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects*, so always be attentive to the process. For any questions or warranty inquiries, call or email.

    *Does not cover over-winding, so be attentive! 

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