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Welcome to 2022! As we launch into our new post-quarantine reality, we would like to invite everyone to visit us in person! When you do, please remember that we are all trying to stay healthy and happy. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer available on the table, and while masks are not required, your comfort is our priority. If you would prefer us to wear masks while we help you, we are happy to do so. Please just let us know. Please do your best to maintain social distancing, and know that we are thrilled that you are joining us again! 

We have exciting news to share! Scarborough Renaissance Festival has invited Sea Song Designs to remain for the entire 2022 festival, and we have accepted! Come visit us at the top of Pecan Grove near the Friends of Faire garden, and we look forward to seeing you there! Weekends from April 9 - May 30, including Memorial Day Monday. 

Summer will see us at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, weekends from June 18 - Aug 7, location to be determined. 

Fall will be spent, as ever, as always, in the autumnal beauty of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Sept 3 - Oct 16, including Labor Day Monday and Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day. 

More updates will happen as my season formalizes. Scheduling can often shift, please email me for specifics if you are traveling from afar!

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